SHARLA'S LIFE (and shoes)

Christ on a Pogostick, from Opal Cat at Welcome to a little place I put up to share news with everyone. Here's a timeline of news since ~October 2000. You can also take a peek at my big brother's sweet kids, Amira and Zafar. And although I may never complete the travelogue that was intended to accompany them, here are some pictures of a vacation to Italy that Larisa and I took in late May/early June 2002. My brother Adam also makes use of this webspace at

In November 2002, I moved to my first apartment. I've posted some pictures of the place for your perusal. I've been working at Google for the past few months, and it's fastest to email me at for now.

Still Life of Shoes, van Gogh. From Mark Harden's Artchive.