September 2, 2005
Woohah, the first entry in my picture blog, which I quite possibly got lazy and stole the HTML from Ansell. (I don't have too many photos I've taken recently, so this is more of an "up to 9/2/05" entry.)

My car (2003 Alero).
My other car (or maybe just the other half of the first one).
Three of my best friends: Erik, Ansell, and Andrew (left to right).
Ansell, obviously shocked at the fact he lost a round of Mario Party :O.
A former PC lover's cat snuggling with my iBook; the owner soon followed suit and purchased a Powerbook :D.
A pirate I drew on the ACM whiteboard that I'm fairly proud of.
Yup, that's a hard disk on my head.
Me, again.
An old picture I took while at my sister's apartment in California.
My old facebook picture.

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