7/2005: Amira's going to be four in the fall, so she's resting up in the photo below; also pictured is her 1-year-old brother, Zafar! Zaffy, as he is sometimes aliased, is a good-natured little guy who really likes to eat; see photos below.

Amira at 3 years, napping

Zaffy, just over 1 year, swinging

Zaffy, Thanksgiving 2004

11/2002: Amira turned 1 this month! Here are some recent pictures of her.

Amira at around 1 year, laughing at her hairdo in the mirror

6/2002: Andre and Shamiza brought Amira to Minnesota to visit my mom for the first time this summer, and I went home to see them. Here's Amira (at six months) and I early one Saturday morning in MN.

Amira at six months old with me in MN

11/2001: Here's some sweet pictures of Amira right after she was born. She is the first grandchild in my family.

Andre's commentary on her:

"Amira Bacchus (a baby girl) was born around 5 p.m. (I was kind of distracted at the delivery so canít give you an exact time of birth!) Fri November 23rd 2001. she weighs 5 pounds 3 ounces and is 19 inches tall. she has my skin color, dark brown eyes (black right now actually, her eye color will lighten as time goes by and her skin will eventually darken to my shade of color) and a full head of hair. Both Amira and her mom are doing fine. this is our first child."

My mom's commentary on her:
"Look at my beautiful grandbaby! She's too sweet!"

Adam's commentary on her:
"That kid is going to have such a big nose when she grows up, it's not even funny."

Amira with eyes open, 1 day old!

Many blessings, baby Amira!

Here are the baby's folks, my brother Andre and my sister-in-law, Shamiza:

My brother Andre. My sister-in-law Shamiza.

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